Hospice Care is very special. We strive to offer dignity, peace, calm and freedom from pain to help improve the quality of life of patients.

Cornwall Hospice Care provides specialist medical care to people who have sadly been diagnosed with life limiting illnesses aged 18 and over.

The nursing teams provide this care at two hospices, Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell and St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle along with day treatments and therapies.  This care is also extended into Cornwall’s hospitals, care homes and in the community.  They also care for people in their own homes.

About half of the patients that come to the hospices for the management of pain and symptoms are able to go home after their stay.

Sam Pleasants, Ward Sister of  our St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle faces the stark reality of life limiting illnesses every working day but she wouldn’t swap the role that she calls ‘a really great job’.

By playing our weekly lottery, which is still only £1 a week, you really will be making a difference.  We promise every penny raised by lottery players stays in Cornwall helping Sam and the whole team here at Cornwall Hospice Care to continue to provide the specialist care given to our patients and their families.

Lottery players donated £218,000 last year (financial year ending March 2016) towards the running costs of Cornwall Hospice Care.

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Sam Pleasants, Ward Sister of St Julia's Hospice

The team at Mount Edgcumbe Hospice are fantastic.

My name is George and for the last eight years I’ve lived with cancer. For the last four years I’ve done this with help and support from a lot of people, including the team at Cornwall Hospice Care.

In 1995 I took on the role of Group Building Maintenance Manager for Trago Mills. I first worked at Falmouth overseeing the modernisation of the store there and then I moved on to our site at Liskeard where I was involved in the lakeside extension for garden furniture and new offices. My biggest project came next, to build a garden park at our Newton Abbot store. It was an £11.5 million scheme.

Life was good and then just a few months in to the project I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. I enjoy work so carried on while being treated. I have to say the support from Bruce, the owner of Trago Mills and my fellow staff was tremendous and I think that helped enormously. So here I was with an amazing project that was taking up to 100 hours a week at least and trying to fit in my medical appointments as well.

The garden project opened in 2005 and not long after that I deteriorated and had to go on to chemotherapy. I went back to work but I then suffered five major infections so was rushed in to hospital on numerous occasions. I’d go straight back to work each time, but then I started to have radiotherapy as well and I really did become ill and it was then that I was referred to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice.

“I was told I had two years but that was four years ago and I’m sure the hospice has played a major part in that.

I was very apprehensive but the minute I walked in and was shown to my bed the pressure went and things were just lifted. I felt so much more at ease. I knew people around me cared and I ended up being there for 15 days. It was all fantastic, especially the treatment I got.

I have to say the family support is also amazing. When we first went to the hospice my wife Chris found the nicest thing was that she could leave her work in Truro and order a meal and then drive up and we could sit and eat together and that meant a lot to us both. She could relax at the hospice and she felt the pressure had gone. She knew I was being cared for and she could be my wife, not my carer or the worrier. We know the people, we recognise them and get to understand them. The care for us all is second to none.

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Every penny raised by lottery players, goes towards the running costs of Cornwall Hospice Care.

It costs £8.4 million a year to run Cornwall Hospice Care, but only 16% of this is funded by the health authority, and that money pays for just 86 days of care.  That means Cornwall Hospice Care has to raise 84% of its funds from voluntary sources.

If you like the fun of a lottery and want to help us raise vital funds, playing our lottery is still only £1 a week. By signing up and playing every week you’ll get a chance of winning £1,000 every Friday and our Rollover Prize that could be as much as £10,000, plus you’ll know the hospice will be a winner as well.

Last year the lottery raised 6% of the running costs which paid for 363 hours of the specialist care provided at our two hospices St Julia’s in Hayle,  Mount Edgcumbe in St Austell in patients homes, care homes, hospitals and beyond.

As the saying goes, ” You’ve got to be in it to win it”, so don’t delay join us today!

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Lizzie and Sam

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Bride, Laura Lutey (maiden name, Hancock), said” I saw the wedding favours advertised in a wedding magazine and thought it was a nice idea. I liked that we could buy something for our guests and be supporting a local charity at the same time.  I lost my gran to cancer so know how it can effect families”.

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Wedding Favour Tent Card